I hope that I did not forget to mention this on my own personal WordPress blog of all things!

Go ahead and get in the mix to win 1 of 2 HD camcorders that record up to 1080p while most only offer 720p:)


I am now listening to a very nice, mix of songs produced by one of my favorite music teachers in producer Teddy Riley by one of my favorite DJs named DJ Diva.

She produced a podcast mix in March 2008 that focused on New Jack Swing which was already a home run but she takes us deeper into Teddy’s discography with songs that may be edged out by more popular songs.

The groove is tight and the mix is strong, so definitely check it out!

Thanks DJ Diva for the shout out in the intro as well and I’m treasuring these two podcasts for the rest of my life:) They provide me with lessons to create music myself🙂

One of my Twitter buddies, TGrundy really has set my morning off today with a great, silky smooth Christmas mix and I just discovered that he has another one for anyone in a lonely, Scrooge mood as well. The silky smooth mix is actually entitled “A Funky Christmas” and I have had it on auto replay ever since it started this morning.

All I am missing now is hot chocolate and mistletoe yet I am lit up like a Christmas tree just from the mix!  

The music has also produced my first Christmas music purchases in at least a decade or longer.   So check both podcast episodes out and I am sure that you will enjoy them as much as I do if not more!