I am now listening to a very nice, mix of songs produced by one of my favorite music teachers in producer Teddy Riley by one of my favorite DJs named DJ Diva.

She produced a podcast mix in March 2008 that focused on New Jack Swing which was already a home run but she takes us deeper into Teddy’s discography with songs that may be edged out by more popular songs.

The groove is tight and the mix is strong, so definitely check it out!

Thanks DJ Diva for the shout out in the intro as well and I’m treasuring these two podcasts for the rest of my life:) They provide me with lessons to create music myself🙂

W00t! My first video to be removed by YouTube! Figurative speech taken for literal meaning: http://bit.ly/pushthatbullyoff

Video link!  

Somehow strangely enough, YouTube removed this same video although any viewer should be able to see that I was figuratively speaking versus literally speaking of violence!